March - spilling over

I forgot to put this up because of all the hassles going on at the moment.  I have been bumped for my airline flight which I find very stressful.  Anyway, this months theme was 'Spilling Over' and that was what my emotions were doing when I started on this page.



Then my mind just wouldn't stop with everything going on.  Shame people couldn't hear all those thoughts spilling over.



February - Opposites

I did do some work in my sketchbook, I just didn't get around to blogging about it.  Having said that it is pretty basic.  Still, it is something I can come back too at a later date.

I thought about people looking in the opposite direction from each other.  Having directional dxylesia means I do this on  a regular basis.  I then wrote a list of words, with small illustrations and thought of the opposite of each.

Finally, the two most opposite things for me are day and night.



A bit of colour

I thought I would try some coloured blocks, using stripes, and then write the words I had used in wordle over this.  I only had coloured pencils to work with and I think it would have been much more effective if I had used paint.  But it is an idea that may translate into a workable design.



We forget just how much we use words to give meaning to images and actions.  So with this in minds I quickly wrote a "stream of consciousness" piece about what I Highly Prize.  I sketched little illustrations of some of those things, didn't think about spelling, just got it onto paper.


Then I typed this into Wordle and came up with this.



I have always wanted to study art and when I gave up full time teaching wanted to attend University or even take a TAFE (Technical and Further Education) Course.  But, when I looked at the cost I just couldn't afford it.  Then I came across this challenge on the net.

I grabbed a sketch-book off the shelf, looked up the theme for this month, got a sharp pencil and launched out.  But, where to begin?  I thought words were what I am most familiar with so it is with words that I will begin.