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What next?

I see over on Melly and Me that they are having an auction of some of their work to raise money for the Bushfire Appeal .  They have linked to a new site "handmade help out"  that has been set up to help raise money for the victims. Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop in Monbulk Victoria has also begun collecting quilt tops and blocks to make quilts.


I am so busy with school work again, even with a broken foot, that my sewing has had to be put to one side.  But, it will return.


One website that I really enjoy is TED Talks.    This conference brings together some of the best minds on the planet, (in my opinion) and I enjoy stimulating my mind and imagination watching the presentations.  If I really like a presentation I will download it through ITunes to watch on the full screen or put on my IPod to watch while traveling, all downloads are free.  This is where I first saw Al Gore  talking about Global Warming

At the moment the presenters have moved their focus to a pressing health/social issue.  They state;

"I thought you should see these photographs. They're both powerful and moving.  They highlight the awful disease XDR -TB, a new and deadly form of tuberculosis that is threatening to become a global pandemic.

By viewing and passing on this link we can help to spread awareness, which is the first step to halting the disease. XDRTB.ORG.

Anyone can be at risk from this disease.  You only have to travel on a plane with someone who has it or be in a cab up to 1 hour after a sufferer has been in that cab.  It is carried on the air that is around us.