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2015 - UFO's

Another one hits the dust!  This was my TAST stitching onto a ticking background.  The stripes were black so I ended up stitching over everything.  I made a tassel for the end of the zipper using some of the left over threads.    The inside is lined with satin.  It was difficult sewing this piece together because of the beads.  I was very careful sewing some parts by turning the wheel on the machine by hand.  There were a couple of broken needles during the process even then.  Now what will I use it for?

TAST 2014 - Up and Down Buttonhole, Plain & Beaded

I am back on Grandmother duty with the children having relapsed again with high temperatures and the flu.  I had to be on duty at 6.30am this morning so have been up long before the birds.  Luckily I finished my TAST sample last night.  My other stitching, especially my samples for the next children's class, is suffering.  (I'm kind of hoping that Sharon will have a rest week this week I'm getting so far behind.)

Stitches No 126 & 127

I decided that I needed to do both stitches to make a band so here are my stitches for this week.  Not quite the same as the those demonstrated, I have used different beads and then added extras to hide the holes were two lots of stitching meets.


You can get instructions for this stitch and see how others have stitched it over at Pintangle.

TAST 2014 - Stitch No 125

Stitch No 125 - Beaded Herringbone

I had fun playing around with this stitch.  I found that if you put the beads on the up thread the thread could not be hidden.  But by using 2 strands of stranded cotton and the right spacing the thread blended behind the beads.  For the contrast thread between the rows I used a perle 5 thread.


Pop over to Pintangle to see how others stitched this and get the instructions

TAST 2014 - Stitch No 123

Stitch No 213

Woven Chain Bar

I struggled with this stitch and I'm not sure why perhaps it was the woollen threads I used for the bar?  I used one thread for the blue leaf and two threads for the green leaves to give the impression of depth.  To make the band I added Up and Down Buttonhole , Detached chain and Back Stitches either side of the Woven Chain Bar.


You can find the instructions for this stitch over at Pintangle.  Check out what others have done as well.  You will find the links for this in the comments section.

TAST No 124

I'm out of sync with these stitches.  I haven't finished the woven chained bar but I saw this weeks stitch and had an idea I just had to stitch straight away.  So...

Stitch No 124 - Closed Herringbone


I added a couple of extra stitches, Van Dyke and back stitch, to make the band.

You can find the instructions for this stitch and see how others have stitched it over at Pintangle.

TAST - Stitch 122


I'm not sure why but this stitch caused me so much angst.  I stitched 5 or 6 versions before I was happy with the result.  In the end I decided to change the stitch, slightly , and add beads to the top and bottom of the stitch. 

 I want to make bands of stitching that are to decorate pinch purses using stitches 121 to 130, so I have added a couple of extra rows of stitching to achieve this.  After so many false starts I'm quite pleased with the final result.

For the pinch purses I have bought a set of springs on- line from China.  Big difference in price between on-line dealers, ranging from 50c each up to $4 each, and there was no freight charged and they arrived in the mail within the week.  I posted a letter to a neighbouring suburb last week and last I heard it still hadn't arrived!

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TAST 2014 - Stitch No 121

Stitch No 121 Twisted Lattice Stitch

I had fun playing around with this stitch.  It isn't quite the same as that demonstrated by Sharon, I have added to it a bit.


I started by stitching a row of Herringbone on a 2 count and then the Double Herringbone on a 4 count and then another row of 2 count Herringbone.  I then worked  over the Double Herringbone with Twisted Lattice stitch and added a row of back stitch at the top and the bottom of the Double Herringbone.  To finish I stitched a row of running stitch on both sides of the 2 count Herringbone.  I think it makes quite a nice band.

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TAST stitch No 120 Double Herringbone

Well this is the last white space on this piece.  I will need to start something else to stitch for the next stitch.  I like this stitch.  I used a perle thread for the first line and then stranded cotton for the second.  I did this to give a difference in texture, colour and  weight.



Because I hate the black stripes I still have a lot of stitching to go so this piece will have to join my WIPW list.  Why couldn't I just put up with those black lines it would have been a lot easier?

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