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Work in Progress Wednesday

This post is to remind me that it doesn't matter if progress is at a snail's place, I am still slowly moving forward.  Even if that is hard to see.

Row number 99 of the 100 stitch sampler.   Eastern Stitch.  I think that this thread is a bit thick for the stitch but the whole sampler is in Perle 5 so I couldn't change that for these last couple of stitches

 And a piece from the audit list.   This is a kit that I bought in England the last time I was there in 2010.  Peter rabbit's garden at Hill Top Farm.  It was the last time that I did any difficult hiking I now realise.  A great place to end to my hiking career in the Cumbrian hills, although I didn't know it at the time.  In fact I ended up in Cumbria not knowing that my son had arrange a week of walking.  I thought I was going for a relaxing week on the Lakes.   It was supposed to be easy, the kit that is, the hiking was rather more difficult I remember.  Famous last words.  This is going to be around for quite a few months.  But now I have made the connection with the hiking it has more significance


I keep colouring in the stitches I've finished but don't seem to be filling many of the spaces.  I think that I will mount it in the lid of a box.  I haven't found a box just yet but I know that Shirley Bourke up in Toowoomba has some.

You can see a lot more interesting work than these pieces at Pintangle.


Another two rows for the sampler.  Stitch numbers 97 Shell chain and No 98 Beaded shell chain stitches from TAST.  One of the things I have packed away, probably never to be seen again, are my beads.  I had to use anything I could put my hands on, hence the plastic beads.  I have dug in the boxes and found a few more beads so hopefully these will see me through to the end of this sampler.


Only two more rows and this piece is finished!! 

(I can see there will need to be another one devoted to the use of beads in stitches.)

I was having a look at the ACT Embroiderers'Guild blog and this week there was the above stitch, using buggle beads and some other rather lovely work.

Check out Pintangle to see what others are doing.

I have reached my goal

So here I am all caught up.  There are only 5 more stitches and I will have finished the sampler.  That means I am going to have to find another project to work on for this spot.  That will not be hard.  I have just been going through my UFO's and have decided that 2014 is going to be the year of the UFO. 

I haven't listed them all yet but there is a whole shelf of envelopes that hold unfinshed work.  I am going to have to list them and then start on getting them finished.  So although this sampler is in sight of being finished there are a lot of contenders to take it's place.

The rows below are:

Stitch 86: Turkman stitch
Stitch 87: Buttonhole Picot made with bullion knot (version 1)
Stitch 88: Buttonhole Picot made with chain (version 2) - I liked this version best.
Stitch 89: Twisted Satin Stitch
Stitch 90: Twisted Satin Stitch with a bead
Stitch 91: Straight sided feather stitch
Stitch 92: Crossed feather stitch
Stitch 93: Plaited feather stitch
Stitch 94: Reverse Buttonhole bar


Checkout Pintangle to see what others are up to

WIP Wednesday

Last week was a complete fizzer, no progress at all.  This week I got another ten (10) stitches onto the sampler. 

Top to bottom : Pekineses Stitch, Linked double Chain, at end of row Drizzle stitich, Sheaf Stitch, Pistol Stitch, Knotted Button hole Stitch, Beaded Hedebo Edge. Knotted Loop Stitch, Italian Border Stitch and Button hole Wheel Cup.

My sister is visiting from interstate this week so I might make little progress. 

Link to Pintangle.

TAST 2013 Stitch 81 Raised Chain V2

This is another TAST 2010 stitch that I am using again.  My excuse this time is that I'm struggling with an infection, yet again.  I thought I had an abscess on my tooth but no I had a scratch on my gum that became infected and turned into an abscess.  So no tooth extraction but lots of antibiotics which are not good for clear thinking.  Anyway that is the excuse this time.

I found this stitch used as a solid band made a great border