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No's 169 - 177

This selection of patterns had me thinking "I've stitched that before".  But I haven't.  Some are very similar to other patterns and as they are quite small I wonder if these were not some of the original patterns that were developed into the larger patterns we know today.  I'm discovering a liking for these small patterns.  Because the stitches are shorter there are no floating threads as in some of the larger patterns and they are a lot easier to stitch.  Also they fit together neatly, which appeals to my ordered brain.

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Some of the photocopies that Phyllis sent me were of the book edited by Aiko Suzuki.  In the Japanese article I read it quoted the editor as saying that there could be nearly 1,000 patterns and I have counted 900 different patterns from the copies I have and have since then have thought of quite a few new variations myself.

The author has classified the patterns according to size and some of the designs that I have discounted, because I thought them too small, are included in the book.  I still think that I will classify my designs according to their root origin. 

I have been able to find a group of designs that seem to be the origin of all the others and I have been able to find the names of most of these.  This seems to be confirmed by the information in these photocopies.  If you were wanting to stitch a combination of patterns size would be important.  I truely think that with the information I now have I will be able to catalogue all the designs, so it looks as though I am going to achieve my quest.

When I get them all charted and stitched I will publish them here on my blog and as a free ibook that can be downloaded from the ibook store.   I think this will be the first time this has been done in English.  Tomorrow I will post this months selection.  (Quick stitch quicker.)