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It is time again to post this months ten patterns and project.  So over the next 11 days I will post one pattern each day followed by the project.  (It is a simple one for June.)  This month I have stayed with the traditional indigo fabric and white thread.  This is my personal favourite when it comes to Kogin.  I know you can stitch it in other coloured fabrics and thread but there is nothing to replace the original.

Hishizashi Pattern No 101

Download No 101


I have taught a number of classes in this technique over the past few months and I think it is time to move onto some advanced pieces.  Problem is finding time.  As no one else is selling the traditional hemp fabric here I must look at ways I can offer this through my blog.  Yet another thing to learn.  I usually am always asked for fabric at my classes so this is the next step I suppose.  

The first 100

On the 27th of July 2012 I started my quest to collect, graph and stitch as many of the Hishizashi patterns that I could find.  Today I am posting No 97 - No 100.  I have kept to my schedule of 10 patterns per month, which when I began never thought I would achieve.  But there you go.

What have I learnt? 

  • There seems to be a group of basic patterns with a myriad of variations.
  • I have found the names of the some of patterns.
  • They can be stitched out on linen fabrics.
  • That although they can be stitched out on linen or other even weave fabric the finished pattern looks best on the original hemp.
  • The unmercerised thread look the most effective but other threads can be used.
  • The traditional pieces combined only a few patterns or were one pattern repeated many times.
  • Although I have found the names of two (2) Japanese pattern books I can find non of these books for sale, anywhere.
  • That the 2011 tsunami has disrupted (or perhaps destroyed) the lives of many who stitched in this geographic area and they are un-contactable at this time.
  • I love stitching these patterns and my admiration for these women who originally stitched them has grown beyond all bounds.

Pattern No 97

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Pattern No 98

Download No 98

Pattern No 99

Download No 99

Pattern No 100

Download No 100