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For this past week I have been lost in the side effects of the cancer drugs.  Plus in amongst all this I had a near miss with a scammer.  Luckily I wasn't scammed but I had to have all my devices cleaned and reformatted, which was very inconvenient and expensive plus isolating.  I have stopped the drugs and am going to just take my chances.  I know that is risky but it almost threw me back into PTSD and I could die there.

Back when I was a music student, and was wanting to make this my career, my teacher asked me to sing for her friend.  I knew she was a famous singer, but never realised she was very famous.  I choose this song "An die Musik" by Schubert.   That song moved me deeply and still does.  Then I found this old video of her singing it.  Oh the cheek of the young me.




More music I stitch to.

This set of pieces is just the right length and intensity (minus the adds) is just right to stitch to.  As a small child I would sit under the piano, with my back against the panel, listening to my Mother play this music.  Still love it.


Extra Note: The comment from Rachel marked my 10,000th comment.  I'm glad it was for this music.