Tiny Desk Concert
A bit of shopping

I'm glad that is over.

I don't want to go back there! 

This has all been brought on because I have moved from being Gluten intolerant to being Celiac.  This is going to take major adjustment with my eating habits.  Added to this I had my gall bladder removed a couple of years ago so how my liver reacts to fats had been added to the mix.  Last week I was very ill, so ill I wanted to just die but now I have recovered and I think myself "so silly".

My other BIG problem is that I have mixed up my apple log in, now I am blocked.  That one is going to take a bit more thought.

Before I fell ill I met a friend for lunch at Sandgate.  Now, I always thought this a bit of a hole but I need to eat my words.  I am going to have to explore all the water lily covered billabongs, the wonderful turn of the century houses, which look very much like the houses I remember from New Orleans and sit and contemplate the foreshores.

Sandgate sits opposite Moreton Island, which marks the northern end of islands where I live.  This day the weather was foul but the skys were wonderful.

Screen Shot 2024-04-12 at 3.35.43 pm

I have never sat and really looked at the sands before, but this day I noticed that all "the dogs' thought it was heaven as did the birds. 

Screen Shot 2024-04-12 at 4.05.00 pm

They just loved the place.

Screen Shot 2024-04-12 at 3.36.15 pm

The Ibus (bin chickens because they are always raiding rubbish bins) were out there in force digging in the sand and the sandflats looked like Staves of music just waiting for the notes to be written.

Screen Shot 2024-04-12 at 3.33.47 pm

I was surpised at how clear the water was, you could see the foot prints of the ibus below the surface.

Screen Shot 2024-04-12 at 3.34.45 pm

And not only the birds and dogs were effected by this place.  Joggers,

Screen Shot 2024-04-12 at 4.02.41 pm

People ridding bikes, some of whom just got off the bike and sat on the sea wall,

Screen Shot 2024-04-12 at 4.03.53 pm

and other patrons of the cafe were equally effected.

Screen Shot 2024-04-12 at 4.04.32 pm

To add to this there was a wonderful old 'paperbark' tree that was flowering and full of birds just outside the cafe.

Screen Shot 2024-04-12 at 4.03.21 pm

I wonder if I can make an embroidery of its trunk?

Screen Shot 2024-04-12 at 4.02.59 pm

My friend and I intend to meet  here more often.


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Ugh. On the upside - if you can adjust your diet, being celiac is not something that need slow you down. We have several friends who have been diagnosed at varying points in their lives, and the adjustment has made fairly swift improvements to their health.

Carolyn Foley

Yes, that is true. My problem is that I am finding that there are other foods I am now intolerant of. E.g. Sourdough bread has no gluten but there is something else in the dough I can’t eat. I think there is going to be a bit of trial and error here.

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