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Merry Xmas

I think I will be spending a good part of my Christmas "laid up."  I had my 4th Covid vaccination on Monday and have been in  and out of my bed since then.  I have had a 'doozie' of a reaction.  The nurse did say it contained coverage of a 'new strain' and that she had been very ill with her injection, I don't know if my reaction was the same but I am not fit to drive a car and even walking around the house is difficult.

But it is Xmas, so some family members will miss out on gifts.  I had finished shopping for most people but my sons, daughter, their partners and my husband are going to miss out.  There has to be a first time for everything I suppose and as I have a doctors visit on Friday I might be able to get some small thing for them, (like booze as the bottle shop is right near the Doctor's rooms.)

I do hope that everyone has a Merry Xmas and that 2023 is a productive stitching year.

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Queenie Patch

The very best to you, too, dear Carolyn.
I am sorry to hear you are suffering side effects from the vaccine. Many people do, and the pandemic is not over yet, so we will probably have to continue fighting. The best thing to do? I guess it is what you are already doing, taking it easy and letting go of the pressure of securing presents for everyone. Why not make it a New Year present, handed over one day in 2023?!

Carolyn Foley

Luckily for me I keep a draw of possible presents and I have been able to get everyone covered.  Now the draw is empty and I will have to start filling it again when I am back on my feet.  I hope that happens in time for the New Year Sales!


I hope the reaction is soon over. Still better to have had the vaccine!

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