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Some Direction

I think that I have  'lost direction' in my life.  I have always lead an incredibly busy life with 'family first' being the item I use to sift my activities.  But once again I find that I have not taken enough notice of my own needs.  I rushed to do things for my family and others and put off getting my own health needs seen to.  When I did get to the Doctor this time my blood pressure was up over 230/110, and that is stroke territory.   Granted this was partly caused by the fact that my own doctor had gone on holidays and I couldn't get on appointment anywhere else.  And yes, I did try 4 other doctors, but couldn't get an appointment for at least a week.  In the end I decided to move to a Doctor closer to home but there was still a 5 day wait for that appointment.  (Covid has changed all our lives in so many ways.)  All it required was an injection and now that I have stablised I think I need to do some stock taking.

When I was working full-time I organised my time far better.  I set myself goals for the things I wanted to do and achieve, both at work and in my personal live.  Maybe I should formalise this again because it used to work in the past?  It is funny, but when one 'retires' you think you have time for everything, but you don't.  I am still going to have the responsibility for home-schooling my grand daughter for next term so that will take a large part of my time and stitching is the way I stay sane.

I follow the blog of  Hannah Brencher and although I don't agree with all that she write I think that these 5 points, which I have re-worded to suit myself, are a good place to start my planning.

Eat foods that make you feel good.  Avoid overly processed foods.

Get out and move.

At all costs, remember you daily devotions.

Be surrounded.  Accept invitations.  Do the the things you don't feel like doing.

Take your medication and your vitamins.  Don't miss a day.

So, on my walk today there was this beautiful sunrise.

Screen Shot 2022-09-25 at 3.36.27 pm

I have no trouble with the "keep moving" one and if I did Little Bear ,(my dog) ,would annoy me until I took him for a walk.



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Lyn Warner

I really like the 5 sensible, down to earth points for planning your life.

Carolyn Foley

It is the be surrounded one that is going to give me trouble.  I love being on my own.  Not good.

Queenie Patch

I guess that you are more surrounded than most! You have family, neighbours, students friends, fellow stitchers and guild members. You NEED to be alone sometimes, especially if you like it. Going for walks early in the morning together with Bear and the sunrise is a great way of being alone but surrounded.

As for your blood pressure, that was HIGH.
Were you to get a stoke, your life will change forever, and I am sure you want to stitch, knit, bake, drive, play with the grandchildren and walk on the beach for many more years, so do take stock of this warning.

Please take good care of yourself, Carolyn. Thinking of you.

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