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I am starting work on my Kogin bags but am bogged down on selecting the fabric for the cuffs.  (I do procrastinate over some things.)

Screen Shot 2022-05-15 at 2.39.24 pm

I still don't have a suitable drawing program so it may be some time before I post these Kogin patterns but I will eventually.

The crochet goes on and on. I am up to joining the flowers together and so far the width is what I had estimated, but it is slow going.  I think I will try to complete and join 9 to 10 flowers a day, although that might be a bit ambitious.   (Will I ever get to the end of it?)

Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 8.23.52 pm

And I try to do a little of the applique each day, so what is finished is only a couple of leaves.


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Queenie Patch

Just take your time, dear Carolyn! Everything is looking great and will be even better as you progress.


I suspect the crochet will all come together very suddenly when you've done a bit more than half!

Carolyn Foley

At the moment it is just a bit much.  I dont need to finish it in a hurry so I intend to slow down my activity on it.

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