A little break
Australian Quilt Convention 2022 - Brisbane

Back to a more normal life

Well the family has moved on to see other places.  Although my sister and I keep in touch over the phone it has been some time since we saw each other in person.  We are close, which is only to be expected of sisters who's mother died when they were 16 and 12 y.o.  We are nothing alike, I am (was) dark and she was fair, we are now some what grey.  We liked totally different things but we are still close.  We made a promise to each other after our mother died that if anything happened to one of us the other would bring up her children.  Luckily this didn't happen but I have always looked upon my nieces and nephew as my own children, so catching up on all the news has been wonderful.

During her visit my grand daughter,  Jasmine, who looks like my sister, turned 10.

Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 12.24.08 pm

She celebrated with all her friends.

Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 12.25.20 pm

I spent a lot of time selecting a present for her.  I ended up with a sketch book with an embroidered cover, some drawing pens and some little canvases.  The cheapest items were the canvases.  These are the results.

Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 11.28.03 am

Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 11.27.50 am

Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 11.27.33 am

Screen Shot 2022-05-28 at 2.54.37 pm

You can never tell what will take their fancy, can you?


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I'm sometimes surprised by what takes _my_ fancy, and I've known me all my life! Even easier to be surprised by someone else!

Carolyn Foley

How true.

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