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Set backs

This week does not rank very highly in my ratings.  Things are just not going my way at the moment.  Maybe I am being tested to see how resilient I am?

I am still having trouble with my health.  I have a growth on my thyroid gland that is driving me up the wall.  The doctor recommended all these scans etc but do you think I can make an appointment?  Not on your life.  The problem is that most of these scans need specialist equipment and the surgeries that have them got flooded, in fact two of them got flooded.  There is another one on the Gold Coast but I have to wait a month for an appointment.  I also have to get an ultrasound done and there is more than 2 weeks wait on that because so many people are away sick or are a close Covid contact.  Frustrating!!!

Next is my husband.  The less said about that the better.  He is a man so that explains quite a bit.

And the third thing is that my work was rejected.  All that time and effort I put into knitting a cardigan for my grand daughter only for her to put it on and say, "I can't wear this it prickles too much".  I used a yarn which was bamboo and wool so it wouldn't prickle.  I thought I would try her sister.  Same response.

So this very nice cardigan that took ages to knit, not to mention the cost of the yarn has gone to Vinnies.

Screen Shot 2022-04-21 at 12.04.53 pm
I hope the heavens have someone who they have earmarked it for?


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Queenie Patch

No wonder, think of how hard you have worked recently. You are wearing yourself out serving others. It is HIGH TIME you cared for yourself.
The girls are at an age when they are outspoken and rebellious. You know that they love you and appreciate the effort you have put into that cardigan.
Thinking of you.
Take time out.
Smell the roses.


What a thoroughly exasperating week!

Carolyn Foley

Yes, one to forget.

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