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Getting ready for 2022

I had to put my name of the roster for Patchwork meetings for 2022, Convenor and supper.  Where did this year go?  But it hasn't gone, there are still two months to go!!  I have lots to finish in that time.  Hope I can do it all.  Now that I am fully 'vaxed'  I have a number of social engagements coming up as well.  Then there is Christmas.  I'd almost forgotten about that with everything that has been going on with the virus this year,  but, life goes on.

I decided to buy my daughter a set of on-line lessons for her Xmas present.  They are called 'Garment Makers' Question Time' and are being presented by Philippa Naylor.   I really enjoyed 'Precision Piecing'  that I did with her last year and when I saw this class decided that it would be a great thing that my daughter and I could share.  (I bought a course for each of us.)  Laura is so involved in her academic work at the University we often don't have time to see each other and this is something that we can share, we both have a love of textiles.  (I would also like a set of these care labels from Phillipa's Instagram page.)

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 11.55.29 am

Before the course even begins I find that Phillipa has 16 posts about the basics for us to view.  Many tutors would not have thought of all these things and I know I will be referring my own students in "Machine Finishing Techniques" to look at these posts.

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 11.20.58 am

I have often found with teaching the more we progress our knowledge the harder it is, sometimes, to 'pull up' that basic knowledge.  It has passed into our 'long term memory' and become automatic, like driving a car.  But it is this 'basic stuff' that underpins competence.

The other thing I like about this course is that It is one project each month.  Enough time to focus in on the detail.  I swore that I would never make my own clothes again when I retired but here I go again.

One year when I was in Houston for the quilt festival Phillipa won the miniature quilt category with this quilt.  From looking at her web-site I think these are all dresses from her own wardrobe.  I wonder if her owns the shoes?

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at 11.24.09 am



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Queenie Patch

Charming quilt, and great blouse on Philippa!


What a lovely idea - time to share, instead of hunting for a thing to wrap up!

Carolyn Foley

There have been some good things come out of this pandemic.

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