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Feral Flowers

I usually collect my flowers from the bush on a Sunday but this week I was on duty at our Island Art Gallery.  It is only a 4 hours shift but I was busy this time, actually selling our Artisan's Art.  (The merchandiser in me saw lots of things I think could be improved.)  After this I rushed off the island to pick up a small table I wanted for one of the balconies.  Wouldn't you know, the weather changed and I can't sit outside at the moment.

But I did take a walk with the dog and collected my 'feral flowers' from the bush.

Screen Shot 2021-10-11 at 3.02.30 pm

There are lots of this type of bush on the island that produces these red berry's.  The other flower is an iris.   In fact the berry bushes are everywhere and I can see why with the amount of seeds that they make.  Pretty little berries that look great, but I don't see the birds eating them and every bush is loaded with them.

I am having fun playing with all the new apps that I am learning about.  The little china dog was given to me by my friends mother, it is special.  Mrs Veira had come to Australia from Jamaica back in the 1970's and among her possessions was this little dog. It is stamped 'Beswick England' on the base and has a lady beetle on it's nose.  My friend married my husband's best friend and moved to Victoria Mill, (a big sugar mill) away from her mother, and, my husband and I started businesses in Cairns, where Mrs Veira lived.  She became my surrogate mother when I had my first child.  When she became ill she decided to return to Jamaica to end her days where she had been born and raised and gave me this little dog.  My friend has a matching one and I have offered to give it to her but she says no, her mother wanted me to have it.

I am getting quite a collection of these photo's now, well one a week.  I have an idea to make them into something, well actually a few 'somethings'.  A bit late for Xmas 2021 but maybe 2022?


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Queenie Patch

A beautiful arrangement and charming story. Did you use a watercolour converter app to change the photo into a painting?

Carolyn Foley

Yes, I used Waterlogue.


I shall look forward to seeing what you do!

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