Re-doing an on-line course.
I don't have the right yarn!


A big zero this week.  My time has been spent doing administration work for the collective.  I just seem to have spent my time making mistakes!!!

Turning up for meetings at the wrong time.  Deleting all the Emails on my phone, Breaking ornaments.  The list goes on.  I did find a nice wooden base for a pin cushion however and they are only $2.50 each.  

Screen Shot 2021-09-22 at 12.37.04 pm

But the cost of shipping is so expensive, more than doubling the cost.  Then I started to look around and found that these bases sell for about $15.00 each in shops.  I think I can make them work for another Kogin class I have in mind .  I would varnish them first and I worked out that I can supply the whole kit for $15 each.  That will make the class quite attractive I believe.  So they are ordered. 

I have been trying to source this item for ages.  I approached a number of wood turners but to no avail.  (Gee I had this works.)


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That does look rather charming. I hope the accident prone period is over soon!

Carolyn Foley

So do I! And I am waiting with baited breath for the delivery of those wooden cups.

Queenie Patch

I think you have been very tired and a bit out of sorts lately. Then it is not surprising that accidents and incidents happen. Like Rachel I hope this period of misfortunes is soon over.

This is a lovely idea for a pin cushion project. With a Kogin cushion it will be a gem.
I have a similar base, wood turned by my friend, it stands firmly on the table.

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