Off to Toowoomba for the weekend
Great Weekend


This has been a huge change in my life, taking on the homeschooling of my grand daughter.  But, it is a wonderful opportunity as well.  Things have not gone as smoothly as I would like, I have had to make major adjustments in my life but having said that I love spending this time with my beautiful girl.

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We are now coming to the end of term.  Only two weeks left for me and then her mother will be on holidays and be able to take over.  Then we have to think about next year.  Both her mother and father have adjusted their work schedules so that they can be part of the process.  But I don't think they have taken into account that they need down time for themselves as well.  And, they are about to build a new home, that is going to be stressful.

My workroom now doubles as a classroom and I have had to re-organise my working space.  Monique has 'ants in her pants' and squiggles and squirms all the time.  With her ADHD sitting still is a problem.  It must have been agony for her in the school room.

Screen Shot 2020-11-11 at 10.26.47 am

Her parents have to now keep her in homeschooling for the next two years, then she will go to high school.  I will cover three days a week and some weeks it may only be two days.  At these times she will stay on the island with us.  ( Monique told me this island should not be called Coochiemudlo, it should be called Peace.  Because that is how it makes her feel, peaceful.)  So, my days of stitching with friends at the Guild will only be on the occasional Saturday afternoon and I will have 2 days a month with my patchwork friends.  I intend to find time for my stitching like I did when I was working full time, early in the morning.  I found this very relaxing and I could face my day in a calm state.  Nights aren't too good for me as I have trouble with my eyes, so it will be early to bed.

One thing can be said, life is certainly not boring!


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Goodness, yes, what a change! But she needs the peace of the island to thrive, and you and her parents are doing your very best to give her what she needs. Sending you all many encouraging thoughts.

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