Preparing a new embroidery.
Another block finished

Something to explore

I came across Teresa's patchwork videos whilst looking at Facebook and found her methods very engaging in fact I almost became addicted to them.  They are all short and easy to watch.  There are actually 200 videos on the playlist!  The mind boggles.

Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 12.33.54 pm

I followed this up because I was looking for easy, yet attractive designs to use for my donation quilts.  In fact I probably didn't need to buy the book because everything is here. But being old school and having had trouble constantly with access to the internet I decided to get the book.

Screen Shot 2020-09-26 at 12.44.02 pm

Teresa is Spanish and has a particular skill is seeing patterns.  I am going to try this first quilt in the book.  It looks fairly straight forward and the quilting is simple.  

Scan 50I just hope I can make it with the fabric from my stash, because that is what making donation quilts requires for me.  Somehow or other I have to use up all that fabric I have collected!

This book is clearly written, the photography is good and having the backup of the videos means I can watch the parts I find difficult being done on the screen.  (Over and over again.)




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I'm with you - hard copy always wins!

Queenie Patch

After having been without internet connection for three weeks I know how frustrating it is to only have instructions (embroidery stitches in my case) online. Long live the printed book!
These quilts look great. I am sure you can mix and match the fabric you have for the donation quilts.

Carolyn Foley

Yes I have found the internet great but when it goes down there is a big hole.

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