18 years ago

Update on Phillipa Naylor Class

I have now completed 12 blocks to go into a quilt and everyone is perfect.

Screen Shot 2020-01-31 at 3.34.16 pm

I am now auditioning the sashing and need to find a suitable fabric for the outer edges.  But I have to say that this has been a great class for me, even if nothing else which is to come, is of any use.  Thinking back I never did a "learn to patchwork" class.  I am completely self taught.  I just applied the knowledge of dressmaking to another field.  That leaves gaps in your knowledge as each area of skill has it's own unique knowledge.

When I joined all the blocks together and added the outer border I found I was just short on one point, although I can't see it now.  I have made the border 4" bigger all around so that I can have it quilted on a machine and the outer binding will be the dark colour.

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 1.40.37 pm

Although you can't see it in the image above the sashing fabric is patterned not just dark blue.

Screen Shot 2020-02-04 at 1.49.53 pm

We have now moved onto piping, which again, I have transferred skills for soft furnishing to quilting.  Again I find there are little tips and tricks that apply to patchwork but not to soft furnishings.  I look forward to finishing this quilt and progressing with the lessons.  I am going to donate the quilt to a child that has been effected by the bush-fires.  My niece and her family live down in the Bega Valley where the fires have been fierce.  I am sure that my grand nephew will have a class mate who we can give this to.


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It's lovely. I'm sure it will be a cheering and comforting gift.

Carolyn Foley

And I have learnt so much from Phillipa. I am waiting for her trapunto class to come up.

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