Big Weekend

Tutors Display

On a not very conspicuous wall a display of the tutors work samples were pinned.  All the pieces displayed I had seen as images on my computer screen, or in magazines, before.  But there is something about embroidery that they eye of the camera just can't capture, it can only been seen when you stand before the piece and look at it.It's as though 'the spirit' of the piece is hidden and only displays it's tactile self to a live audience.

This was so for all the work displayed but some had even more 'hidden spirit' than the others.  The band sampler stitched by Yvette Stanton was one particular piece that kind of hit me between the eyes.  It was so beautiful.  This image shows what it is technically but there is so much that is hidden.

Scan 4

The pattern is there but you can't see how the thread shines or how it lays on the fabric.  How each thread sits up against it's nieghbour and makes a whole.  It's as though it has a memory, and those women who first stitched these designs are in there as well.  I bought her book "Smoyg" some time ago but until I looked at this piece in person I had no real appreciation of how beautiful it actually was.  I have now taken out my copy of the book and am looking at those designs with new eyes.

So one big revelation for me this past weekend is that I have discovered that all the embroideries have "a spirit."  It has always been there, I just haven't put into words what I have been looking at.  That in turn has me considering if the embroiderer imparts part of themselves into the piece?  For myself I'm sure we do but it isn't something you can measure, it has to be felt.


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I'm sure we do. Sometimes it's a muttering, complaining spirit, because the boring bit is taking so long, and sometimes it's a jubilant spirit, because it's all going so well!

Carolyn Foley

Yes, and all the other emotions one could imagine.

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