Another revision
Back to bed, again.


It is hot, dry and windy.  We are enveloped in smoke, yet again.  My asthma is in full swing and I can't stop coughing.

I read a poem once by Elizabeth Bishop, called "One Art".    (It is copyright so I can't print it here.)

It describes how we deal with loss.  How little by little we accept it.  We accept the burning of the Amazon, it is so removed.


We accept the burning of Siberia, that is at the other end of the earth in the Arctic.


The coral reefs are under threat.


The list grows longer and longer, but we accept the loss of all these things, maybe because they seem to happen in isolation and we have time to accept the loss.

It is time to stop the acceptance and act. Time is running out.


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Indeed it is.

Queenie Patch

it is quite true that things that happen far away are difficult to grasp, or get interested in. Once the catastrophe hits nearby we wake up - and it might be too late.
I am sure more and more people are aware of the climate change, but don't know how to stop it. We need a lot of practical ideas and rules.

Carolyn Foley

Yes I agree. Here it becomes more difficult to breath with each passing day. That makes it very real and our politicians have their heads buried in the sand.

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