Out of touch

Another virus

Sorry about the lack of posts but I now find that I have been fighting viral pheumonia, which my husband brought back from Ireland, and a dose of pleurisy.  These viruses certainly took my name at the beginning of 2018 and have just kept on.  Still, I am still here and as the song says,

"I get knocked down but get up again, they are never going to keep me down".


I just wish this RSI injury would hurry up and heal, I so miss my stitching.  But at the moment my focus is getting to a point where I can go on my trip to Thialand.  That is 6 weeks away, I can eat again and  that was the greatest difficulty I had to over come.  One plus to not eating was the amount of weight I have lost.  I am back to a size 12 again (from a size 18).  The down side is I have had to give all my clothes to St. Vinnies and buy new ones.  Next is being able to handle the pain and then the tiredness.  I have cancelled all my teaching and only have a couple of judging commitments.  Getting ready for this trip is my No 1 commitment.

Thinking about the trip has made me realise that I will have to get all my Xmas postage ready before I leave! Maybe I will not send presents this year?  And then I have thought about leaving this house for my children to use for the holidays and my husband and I just taking to the road for a while?  Hopefully by then I will be able to stitch again.  Still, the old brain is working again, and the RSI has improved so that I can type without my shoulder freezing up.  So maybe the stitching may return even sooner?



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Good to hear you are on the mend, have you looked into gut health research to help your recovery process ? It really makes a lot of sense.
The weightloss will no doubt help you cope with extreme heat we will have in the Summer and also the humidity in Thailand .
So sorry the RSI is hanging around ......so frustrating, have you tried knitting, it's a whole other range of movements that might be possible while you recover and different needles have to be held different ways, circulars, dpns, straights....worth a try to stay sane .
Fingers crossed you pick up soon , on all problems.

Carin saga

You are a great planner and will find the way to manage, but I still think you should slow down and focus on getting well, not only for the trip, but for the rest of your life.
Thinking of you.


Once you've recovered strength and resilience, hitting the road for a while with your husband does sound like a good idea. My parents-in-law loved the time they spent motorhoming around the country.

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