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Still cleaning up the sewing room

This job seems to go on for every!

It also brings with it a whole lot of difficult decisions.  Should this left over fabric go in the bin or should I try to reuse it?  Back some time ago this year I was suppose to make bags for my patchwork's groups Mothers' Day present but I just couldn't get my mind to work.  Then I went downhill and that fabric just sat under a whole lot of other fabric.  Now I had to decide if I put it in the bin or make something with it?  I'm sick of cleaning up so I decided to put on some music and sew this material into place mats that I will donate to charity. 

The music?  Anderson & Roe Piano Duo "The Art of Bach

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 4.28.57 pmHere is a You Tube clip.  I can highly recommend this Duo. 

I cut up the pieces of fabric, found some left over batting from those quilts I had finished then I started sewing.  Just ordinary old place mats.

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 4.11.02 pm


Quick and simple to make.  Just a front, back and batting. These are the measurements to cut out

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 4.15.48 pm

Sew three sides leaving the end open, turn through and slip stitch the open end closed and iron flat.  Finish by top stitching the edges 1/2" in.  I did get carried away with one place mat and quilted it. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-05 at 4.11.13 pm


In fact I might make some more and use them to practice some "ruler work".  (Hell, Typepad has got gremlins in the engine all the spacing is out on this post!  Blame the gremlins, not me.)



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Good to hear the organizing is coming along and you have had some fun sewing.
I found a great zip finish on Missouri star quilts Utube 'zipped pouch' for a classy tab end that tucks in.
I then used Textile Tutor Utube for her zipped, lined bag....a lovely lining with no raw edges showing, so fun was had making different sized project bags and smaller notions pouches for knitting.
Good luck with the rest of the cleaning up and minimum sidetracks or distractions.


Placemats are always useful!

Carolyn Foley

And they are great for using up left over fabric.

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