Ethnic Embroidery

Starting the portraits

This has been a long process but I have at last begun. 

A number of years ago I asked my patchwork group to make me a block which was a portrait of themselves.  But not a photo realistic one, rather one of how they saw themselves.  I was going to make a wall quilt out of it and for the shashing I was going to have some fabric printed using photos of each lady.  Well the years have gone by and the cost of having the fabric printed was too much.  Then I moved and didn't have the wall space anymore.  Now I have decided to make these blocks into a fabric book and on the page opposite their block I am going to embroider a portrait of each person. 

I have now taken their photos and turned them into line sketches.

Image 2

This is Betty who passed away a few years ago.  She got a form of lung cancer from the asbestos fibres that were trapped in her husbands work clothes which she washed.  We all loved Betty and still do even though she has passed.  She was the most quirky, creative person.  At one point she took herself off on the Trans Siberian Railway just to see what it was like.  Back then you had to take all your own food all that was provided was the transport.

Her block is full of her dreams.  She saw herself as still young, and she did look like this when she was young.  The kind of house she always wanted, the flowers in the garden, her cat, the rural setting and her quilting.

Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 11.11.12 am

I think this will take some time but it will be full of love.



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Carin saga

It is a BIG project but I am sure it will be both enjoyable to do, and a splendid piece of art when finished.
It is interesting to look at self-portraits and see how people look at themselves.

Carolyn Foley

Yes it is a big project and I’m sure there will be a few set backs along the way.

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This is going to be a wonderful project!

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