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I am going to have to treat this as a trial, it needs to be restitched.  For the first time I have had a problem with the transfer pens.  It must be this fabric , which they have discoloured.  Plus in my haste I didn't transfer the pattern quite straight.  The edges were straight but the print was off a bit.  I knew this could happen, people have been telling me about it for ages and now I know from personal experience.

Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 4.24.49 pm

So I have re-transferred it to another piece of fabric, this time making sure it was square on the print of the fabric and used a .1 brown pen.  (This fabric is printed like newsprint with lots of place names in Australia and is by a young local designer.)  I have no hope of finishing this before I leave so will take it with me to stitch in my down time.

Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 6.13.35 am



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Prints with 'straight' lines or repeats will show up any little mistake. What a pity you had to redo this, but then again if you get homesick on your trip you can always read the names of your local area and feel good again!
Have a safe trip.

Carolyn Foley

Thanks for the good wishes and I have learnt a hard lesson regarding line, repeats and transfer pens.


I've been coming around to the old-fashioned prick and pounce technique after a host of problems with others!

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