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The one eyed monster who reads books.

That is me.  My eye is all bandaged and I am finding it difficult to see with the other but I know I will adjust.  I had trouble with the operation and that will take a few days to get over.  Although I can't see to sew I can read.  I am going to have to read this book again in more detail.  I knew that I could have trouble so I sat up late and was reading right up till they were ready to wheel me in.  I just had to finish the book.  Having to wait to get to the end would have killed me. 

Now this is not a novel. 

The Ancient Paths by Graham Robb is a very well researched and cross referenced piece of work.  Considering that it's content questions what we have been told since the middle ages about Roman expertise in building roads and the role of the Gauls and Celts it needs to be.

Screen Shot 2017-06-20 at 3.44.13 pm

I am sure that  the academics will be testing all the math and evidence.   Yet I do believe there are some truths written here.  The Roman's were ever good at praising themselves and old Julius was a murderous bastard.  (I saw a quote once from the Roman Senate that labelled him as committing "crimes against humanity",  but they still accepted all the loot he brought back.)

I remember standing in the lower reaches of the Cathedral of Bayeau in France and realising that I was looking at a Gaulish not Christian monument.  It came as quite a shock back then.  If what he proposes in this book checks out we are going to have to rewrite quite a lot of history.  In the meantime this is going to get the academics in a tizz.

There is another good review here from the Guardian and here from the Telegraph



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Lesley Olivieri

Hi Caroline, sorry to see "seeing" is a problem at the moment. Do you have to have any more operations? Will you be able to do the Children's classes or found someone to do them for you? I know when I had my Cataracts done I had six months of difficulty seeing I had been short sighted and long sightedness was odd. I now have 1/2 glasses with 3 times my normal script for sewing. Only wear for 1/2 hour at a time.
I enjoy most of your FB links very informative. Keep well. Lesley

Carolyn Foley

Hi Lesley,

I have the same kind of problem, one eye long sighted and the other short. They have done the long one first and the other will be done next week. But my surgery is being complicated by my sinus problems. At the moment they did laser surgery on the left hand side when they did the cataract and they will do the right hand one at the same time as the right eye. One side of my face is not swollen and the other is. I knew that I would have to have glasses again when I went into this so that isn’t a problem. Having full anaesthetic has it’s advantages as well, I sleep for 24 hours afterwards. I have other people lined up to look after the Children’s Classes just in case I can’t be there. I got all the kits ready in advanced and there are some volunteers who are stitching some out so that they can help. The class is full and there is a waiting list, so that is good.
Thanks for the kind wishes.


The Romans did rather tramp all over the map, leaving messages for everyone. Now we can look for the fainter messages they obscured. I think history and archaeology are entering a wonderful period.

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