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The month of experiments

This month is turning into 'The Month of Experiments'.  I have lots of ideas that I want to test out. 

I haven't used any of the Hishi Sashi patterns in my work for a while and in another piece I am designing I thought the smallest, 11 count patterns, would work well.  The only draw back is that there are a limited number of designs in this count.   Because they are small it takes time to cover the fabric.  It has taken a day to finish this small swatch. 

Screen Shot 2017-01-07 at 12.05.17 pm

Then I had to deal with the limited number of designs. Queenie sent me a comment about my last post on swatching that got me thinking.  Maybe it would be alright if I 'adjusted' some of the designs I had to expand the range of designs available.  So I did.  Oh the guilt I felt!  Just shows how 'brainwashed' I am about following rules and regulations.  All those years as a school teacher had an effect.



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Without 'adjusting' things or rules that already exist, development would come to a standstill. Throughout history mankind has learned from previous generations and then made a few changes to expand or improve. We can still honor, treasure and protect the original idea, but I think it is our duty to make adjustments, and then let the next generation change OUR ideas.
When it comes to kogin, even Mr Narita of the kogin research centre in Hirosaki has kogin stitches on his suit jacket and tie!
Go for it and don't feel guilty.

Carolyn Foley

Thanks Queenie. I love Mr Narita’s comment that the Kogin patterns are like a musical scale. It is how you arrange the patterns that makes the music.


Even traditional designs started somewhere and grew and developed over time. You are simply contributing to that development!

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