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Baby sitting

Looking after children full time is far more demanding than I remember, or maybe it is just that I am older?  My grandmother came and looked after my sister and myself when we were about 6 and 10 years of age.  Our mother had breast cancer and was away from home for a number of months.   I loved my grandmother, we were both rather alike.  I had always loved sewing and handcrafts but now I blossomed with that personal attention.  She was a good bit older than what I am now back then, I wonder how she managed it all?

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My little ones are only 4 and 5 years of age and I'm sure they are missing Mummy but no matter how tired I feel it is such a blessing to have this time with them.  Last week I got to stand in for Mummy and Daddy at the school assembly when Monique received her Principals Award for creative writting.  At only 5 she is writting whole books and illustrating them.  (Every time I look at her I see my grandmother's eyes looking back at me.)

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Every stage of live has it's own seasons and it is interesting to reflect on how cyclical life is. My grandmother, myself and my grand daughter all so alike but the age that in which each of us has lived makes our lives so different.

This week it is school holidays so we have trips to the movies and maybe the circus planned.  That means I won't get much sewing done.




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You're looking after slightly younger ones. Making memories for both you and the girls...

Carolyn Foley

And for Grandpa, who seems to have discovered a second childhood!

Isn't it amazing how we grow when we are with people who love and encourage us? Parents, grandparents, teachers, classmates, neighbours, community leaders... they can make or break you. Your little writer has been supported by granny's love!

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