Finally, the shopping

Still shopping, and other things (Continued)

Returning to my time in Melbourne.

By this time it was getting very hot, and I live in the heat, but this was a dry scorching type of heat that burns your lungs every time you take a breath. Non of the trams I was on were  air conditioned and the windows did not open, so I was glad to get off at Fitzroy Gardens. I thought a walk through the park amongst all the trees would cool me down. It didn’t.

  Fitz 1

Fitz 2

Firz 3

Fitz 4

I was headed for the St. Mary MacKillop heritage centre.  This is housed in a beautiful old victorian era house. It was air conditioned inside but I was finding the heat very distressing by this time. After all the walking my heart rate was up too high and I find it difficult to control my body temperature.

Mary 2

The house is a peaceful and inspirational space. At the back of the shop there was a gallery, an open space with a wall of glass looking out onto a secluded square. I sat there in the cool and recovered. It is a restful, contemplative place and I was able to recover my equilibrium before venturing out into the heat again.

Mary 1

Mary 3

Mary 4

Mary Mac Killop was an inspirational person.  She let nothing get in the way of what she thought was right and if she saw a need she acted to fullfil it.  In 1871 she was excommunicated but after a visit to Rome this was reversed.  I have often wondered why this happened and searching the records it reveals that she had a pedophile priest removed and returned to Ireland.  This brought retribution down on her and her sisters. The order was disbanded and the sisters put out on the street.   With all the controversy that is in our courts, all over the world today, it is good to know that there were members of the church who stood up against this behaviour, no matter what the cost.  

After leaving here I had to walk and again that heat was a problem and I didn’t have a hat either. It was just too hot to try and walk all the way back to the apartment in the middle of the day so I got on a city circle tram to go back to the shopping district. On the way I noticed an alley full of graffetti so hopped off the tram to take some photos.

Grif 1

The graffetti just didn’t have that cutting edge of social comment that I had remembered from the past but there were some interesting bits.

Grif 3

Grif 5

Grif 7

Grif 8

There were only two pieces that commented on social issues.

Grif 4

Grif 2

Every church in the city had banners and notice boards that welcomed refugees.  In some churches there were stalls with food and clothing and offers of legal help.   This is one thing that marks Melbourne as being different from other Australian Cities, it's commitment to social justice.





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I'm glad you found some places to get out of the heat!

Carolyn Foley

You know, when we left it turned very cold.  Now I am back in the heat again waiting for Autumn.


Nothing is as tiring as extreme heat! Even the shade or a fountain offer no real comfort. In Tokyo we had a pleaseant day of spring warmth, and the biting cold is over for the season. Soon it will be autumnal and comfortable in Melbourne.

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