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Melbourne - Japanese design

One place I was determined to visit during my time in Melbourne was Zazari + ziguzagu.
This establishment has antique Japanese and Chinese Furniture and art with some African pieces as well. As soon as I entered I wanted to buy everything but I kept my eyes focused on the textiles at the back of the store.  On the way back there I did notice this bronze  hare and

Screen Shot 2016-03-11 at 4.17.59 pm


this  antique sewing box.  These boxes were over $500 each, so I kept walking.

Boro 7

Beautiful antique textiles. Silks, Cotton, Hemp. I choose some antique indigo hemp and mosquito cloth to do some Kogin stitching on. I bought my daughter an African necklace and my grand children some small  antique dolls.

Boro 8

Boro 11

Boro 9

Boro 10

Then, right at the back of the shop, under other fabrics I spotted some Boro pieces. Again I wanted them all but settled on a short jacket.

Boro 1

It is worn and patched.

Boro 5

It has been Sashiko stitched to attach the patching fabrics,

Boro 4

Some of the seams are coming apart but this gives one a insight into how they were stitched together.

Boro 6

On the wrist band of one of the sleeves there is a small metal tab from a pair of Japanese sox that are worn with thongs. From the inscription on this it would appear that this is well over 100 years old.

Boro 2

I think the jacket was probably pre 1950 but I couldn’t be sure of it’s exact age. Now it is my treasure and I intend to hang it in my new bedroom.  Good thing this shop is in Melbourne and not in Brisbane. I would be very poor otherwise.  But there is still the temptation of the online shop.  Oh dear.


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Fortunately, online shops aren't quite as seductive as the real thing!

Carolyn Foley

That is true.

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