Nearly Xmas

Sick of Triangles

I am so sick of sewing triangles for this quilt.  The first 50 or so weren't too bad but then I lost concentration and started making mistakes.

Tri 1

So I took a break and made a couple of little bags.  These were on the donation table at the Guild.  They had been started and not finished so I took them home to complete the embroidery and make them up for the Xmas sale table.  I missed that one so they will have to be for Mother's Day.

One for soap.

Tri 2

One for lavender.

Tri 3

I like candlewicking, it falls into that "social stitching" category and I can stitch and chatter at the same time.  I'm not even chattering here and thought I had finished all 108 triangles.  Now I find I'm 12 short.  Back too it!


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They do look charming. I need to find myself a social project for the festive period! Maybe I have an idea now...

Carolyn Foley

Well these will certainly fit the bill.

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