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Mother's Day Challenge

Every year my cottage patchwork group set a challenge for our Mother's Day breakfast.  This year our gift was to be a piece of recycling.  All my old doilies are in storage so I made a trip up to St. Vinnies in Toowoomba.  ( You have to admit that was a great excuse to go to Toowoomba?)   They didn't have a lot on offer I'm afraid and the piece I selected was very used and thread-bare.  Before I cut it up I stablised it by applying wisperweft to the wrong side.  


If you haven't used this before Thread Magazine has a good article here.  Another thing that always takes me aback is the difference in retail price between the same product in Australia, $12, compared to the USA $4.  (Some one is making a lot of profit or maybe there are multiple middle men.)


I cut the lace off the edge to use around the seam and although it was scalloped it still seemed to work.  I then  fussy cut up my pieces cutting around the holes.  I wanted to make a little bag you could hang so decided on making a tea cup that could be hung by the handle.   I put some small scissors and a reel of thread inside.


To give the fabric a bit more strength I also insterted some wadding and quilted this.  I don't think that fabric will rip now.  Because I added to lace I couldn't get the zipper inserted the way I wanted but it still looked ok even if that lace was a bit wonky.  It was such a pretty doily I'm glad it now has a new lease on life.



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Charming - a successful piece of upcycling!

Carolyn Foley

Thank you.

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