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Sometimes I wonder

My husband has bought himself a Landrover Ute.  It drives like a truck, no car springs in this one.  I haven't driven one of these for over 30 years.  I found that I could remember how to work the gears and the 4wheel drive.  Backing it is a bit difficult BUT the biggest problem is I can't get into it without a step ladder.  I can get out but not in.  Something has happened to my legs over the last 30 years.  Looks like I am going to have to keep walking.



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Carin Saga

It's looking very stylish! I MAN'S vehicle, I'd say. Won't the dealer be able to attach a step underneath the body of the car (below the door), like you find on lorries?

Carolyn Foley

That would be the best solution but I have to get it on the barge to the dealer and back again. Bill is still in a wheelchair and I will have to put that off for at least a month or so. I think I will buy a little step from Ikea or Aldi and keep it in the Ute in the mean while. I used to be able to drive one of these monsters all over the place when I lived in the country. I’m a bit worried about driving it in city traffic. Oh dear, it brings home that I am getting older and all that entails.

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