Sometimes I wonder

Feeling sorry for myself

This getting older is very depressing.  I went fishing yesterday and found I couldn't scramble over the rocks like I used to do before I broke my foot.  I had to sit down first and then climb down.  Depressing. 

Today I find I have put my neck out from casting the fishing line.  It would be fine if I had caught a heap of legal sized fish but they were all undersized and I had to put them back in the sea.  Depressing. 

I am having trouble with my Apple computer and the help desk is no help at all.  Depressing. 

Then I read this story about an old man, Alfred Date, 109 years old, who knits and I have given myself a good talking to.  I need to concentrate on what I CAN do not fret about what I can't.   I like his comment that "if you do the best with what you have you can't do any more than that".

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 9.39.31 am

At 109 years of age he knits for charity.  One of his projects was knitting little woollen jumpers for penguins who were caught in an oil spill.  What an inspiration this man is.


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Carin Saga

There is so much we ought to be grateful for. My friend Tanya wrote about doughnuts; instead of crying over the hole in the middle we should enjoy the ring!
I hope I will have a positive attitude from now on until I reach my 109th year!

Carolyn Foley

I hope I’m dead by 109!


Yes, it doesn't do to focus on what is no longer possible, but sometimes it's hard not to!

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