Slow Progress


It is very late in the season for new babies but the wild ducks have a new clutch of ducklings.  There was another group but they seem to have disappeared and I saw a python in this tidal creek so I wonder if they survived.  This mother is very careful with her brood.  It is hard to see them and they are all very obedient when it comes to following mothers instructions.


She has six little ducklings to look after.It's a bit hard to see them in the gloom.


I also found a headless turtle on the beach.  I'm not sure if it was a shark or the propeller of a boat.  There were no cut marks on the shell so I suspect a shark.  There are a number of large loggerhead turtles swimming around the island at the moment.  You see them raise their flipper out of the water and just get a glimpse of their shell.


I keep saying that I will go fishing but I never get there. I have to take Bill to the Doctor every 2nd day and that sees me pushing the wheel chair down to the ferry and repeating the process on the mainland. All that worrying about driving on the barge when he wants to travel on the ferry!


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Carin Saga

Haven't you chosen a WILD island full of wild life to live on? I hope this will keep both you and your husband fit and alert. Is it safe to go swimming? What would you do if you went fishing and caught a shark?

Carolyn Foley

I have had the shark thing before and I always cut the line. If it is a little one I pull it in and clean it. But big ones are hard to kill and dangerous even on dry land.

Carin Saga

Just reading this makes me shudder. I will stay in safe Tokyo, thank you!!!

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