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My new Street

After living in the same street for over 30 years I now have to get used to another street.  I have moved from the inner city,

to a rather remote island where the street scape is totally different.


Over the other side of the road is a track that runs down to the beach,


And when I look back from the track, there is the house.


Oh dear it is so small.  I have no hope of fitting all my quilting and embroidery stash or my books and other equipment, let alone all the framed work I had on the walls in Moreton St., into the little room that will be my sewing room.   Now comes the culling and that is always painful.


I also found a small squashed python on the road a few doors up.  No getting away from the buggers.


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A complete change of scene, after the city!

Carin Saga

Both places are surrounded by green, it is the absence of cars and the presence of squashed pythons that are the greatest differences?
As sewing means so much to you, you should claim a larger area. Could you build an extension with a separate sewing studio? Could you find storage for your stash and the things not used on a daily bases in another room? Will your husband have a workroom?

Carolyn Foley

I think I am a little put off by the fact that my husband went ahead a bought the house knowing I wasn’t that keen on it. I can build an extension onto the back of the house and depending on how his health progresses this is what I plan to do. I also think that I am worried about the outcome of his up coming operations. I see him going down a bit each day and although he assures me everything will be fine there is still that little bit of doubt. In the mean time I have to fit into a small space.

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