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Hishizashi Patterns 665 - 676

Hishizashi Patterns No 665 - 676

Download No 665-676.pages

This set of patterns will forever be associated with sitting in the hospital waiting room for 5 hours.  Kogin embroidery is a meditative form of stitching.  You have to concentrate on the count of the pattern and the level of difficulty isn't extremely high. It is just high enough that you can not think of other things, like what is happening in the operating theatre.

I sat by a window looking out onto the grey day and the storms sweeping in on the city but all I thought about was the stitching.  Those 5 hours sped by and the next thing I knew the surgeon was calling my name to give me feed back and I had just about finished all 12 patterns.

When stitching Kogin embroidery my thoughts often turn to those women who first stitched these patterns.  Their lives can not have been easy.  I often wonder if they too found the stitching a meditative practice?



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Carin Saga

Although the women who first made these kogin patterns did not sit waiting outside an operation theatre I am sure they had other of life's hardship to 'flee' from. What better way than stitching?
You know that I am always looking for faces in these patterns. Here I can see three in the left side column.
Is # 676 turned the right way? A mirror image would have been the mark for a Japanese Buddhist temple...
I wish your husband a speedy and safe recovery.

Carolyn Foley

Thanks for the kind wishes. Bill seems to be coming along quite well. We got a wheelchair today so that we can get around a bit more.

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