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January 2015

A prototype

Am I glad I sewed up a prototype first or else all my embroidery might have been wrecked.  I know where the problem is.  I tried to make the zipper a feature and didn't properly check the width of the top insert against the bottom one.  The top one is just that bit wider and it puts the bag all out of proportion.  Well it does to my eye. 


The other problem is the different weights of fabrics so I think I might need to incorporate some interfacing.  I am going to have to make another one and adjust the pattern .  Not a problem now I can keep my machine up.


Problem solved

The sewing table arrived this morning in the post and was quickly assembled.  Now I have it installed in the tiny room,  2.75m x 3m and there is still space to move around.  I will not have to disconnect my computer every time I want to sew or find a space on the floor for the printer.  I would never have believed that I could fit my sewing and computing materials in such a small space.  I find that I can use the bed to lay out my materials as well. 

Now I have to make a new cover for the machine.


On this view you can see that I can fit the fan in the room as well.  This is essential for the hot weather but I will be able to to put it away when it cools down.


I think I have the solution

The solution to how I can keep my sewing machine assembled all the time.  I have just placed an order for a Sew Ezi portable sewing table.

I will be able to keep this at the end of the single bed and as it has wheels, position it where I want it.  I have ordered the table from Just Patchwork who are in Tuncurry.  They said it would be despatched today so hopefully it will arrive in the next week or two.  Even if it doesn't solve the current problem it will be good to take to workshops etc. but I'm sure this will work.

It is still too hot and humid to do any sewing at the moment so I am out there in the garden.  Mowing lawns, digging, cutting etc.  I will have to be careful as I am becoming tanned.  Not good for the skin but summer will not last forever and then I can start complaining about the cold.

Happy Australia Day

The day has been hot and fine.  The crowds started coming over to the island early in the morning,


and people had staked out their space for the barbie, eski,seats and flags.


There was a market day in progress down near the jetty along with music and entertainment.


We left to have lunch with out children and grandchildren in town and had a great lunch with them at the Pineapple Hotel.

Then home again to meet all the crowds coming off the ferry back to the mainland.  The que to get onto the returning ferry went right off the access bridge.


Now we sit and wait for the thunderstorm to break the humidy.  A good Australia Day and tomorrow all the holidays are over.  Everyone returns to work and all the schools start first term.

More garden stuff

I would like to say I have cleared the block but no.  It is just too hot plus I have to address the issue of getting some wheels.  We have taken care of issues with the accountant, the insurance, the bank and tomorrow is going to be dedicated to buying a new car.  So as it is over caste I have done a bit more in the garden.

I am planning just what flowers I want compared to what will grow.  To my delight I find that Hydrangeas grow over here.  I have been doing some work in my neighbours garden. as they both have mobility issues, and there hidden under the weeds was the healthiest bush.   There must be a bit of alkaline content in the soil as there is that touch of pink in the flowers.


I always have flowers in my kitchen even if it is only one bloom and these hydrangers take me back to my childhood when we had a hedge of them and my mother would arrange them in vases all over the house.


I now only have a tiny kitchen but I want to have flowers on the bench so these are going into my new garden.  The other flower I like is a native that looks rather untidy in the bush,


but would look good under trees if it was tendered.  The flower is very sweet but I don't think it would be much good in a vase.


I also see a lot of Agapanthus planted all around the place so they might be an option as well.  There seems to be a lot of pink and purple in the flowers that do well, not much white.

The weather on the island

We are only 1 hour's drive from the centre of Brisbane but the weather here is completely different. ( As is mobile and internet reception but that's another story.) We are only 1K from the mainland but the weather isn't what I expected. (Our island is in the centre of the shot with Stradbroke Island on the horizon.)

Screen Shot 2015-01-20 at 8.14.47 pm

Last night we had a wild thunder storm.  I spent the night with 2 dogs almost sitting on my head.  Chester, who can frighten people with his bark, cried nearly all night.  Charlie didn't cry but she kept up close and personal.  I don't think the storms are any worse than those we had in Brisbane but because we are surrounded by water, lightening and thunder have a different effect.  If we get a big bolt of lightening the pressure waves it causes make a vacuume and then the air rushes in.  It did this numerous times last night shaking the house as though it was an earth tremor.  I could feel the whole house moving on it's foundations.

The stars in the sky are brighter here because there are very few street lights and the light from the lightening is far brighter than anything I have experienced before.  I understand why the dogs are frightened.

This morning I found that lightening struck a tree one block away in one direction and


hit a house a block away in the other direction. Now that's a bit scarey.


Just at the moment I am deeply depressed as a result of that other storm back last year.  Remember I said that the new car was cactus?  Well the insurance company wrote it off and took it away.  Now I have no transport until I can buy a new car.   And I did make a top with the off cuts to go with the slacks I made.  I also realised that the fabric was silk not rayon and that is a bugger to sew.   Still it will be the perfect outfit to wear out to dinner here on the weekends.


I suppose I have trouble because I have too many dots?

 I found this over at Le Challenge who are running a months challenge during 2015.  You don't have to do every month and I might just keep an eye on the blog and drop in and out. I also saw a challenge for "Sew my Stash" and oh boy do I have a stash.  This might help reduce it.


And my own personal challenge is to make a dint in my UFO's even if I have to admit defeat and give some of them away.