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November 2014

Murphy's Law

We have been hit by a storm super cell.  All the windows down one side of the house have been smashed.  We have big heavy shutters on all these windows.  I had one shutter closed on my window and was leaning out to close the other when the window exploded on top of me.  Glass all over the place.  I have to say I feel extremely lucky to have not been lacerated.  The first thing I did was to shut down all the computers.  Water was pouring in along with hail stones the size of tennis balls.


I am in shock just at the moment.  We only have a week to settlement on the house and will have to have all this cleaned up and repaired. They army has been called in to help with the clean up. The rest of the city isn't any better off than us and many are in a far worse state.  


I had been out at my sons place and arrived home just before the storm hit.  My car looks as though it has suffered from small pox.  I think this might be a write off.


This storm was very similar to a cyclone.  All the trees have been shredded and I was very surprised to hear a bird at the end of it all.  All the neighbourhood was out on the street after it cleared.  Everyone is just pleased that there were no injuries.


Looks like we will have to have the ceilings replaced in 2 rooms as well.  I wonder if the sale will go through now?

The moving has begun.

The first phase of the moving has started.  Truck No 1 is to take all the overflow to storage.  I'm not going to see any of this stuff, that has been part of my life forever, for at least another year.  The question is will I want it again when I finally see it?


My bed is gone, as is most of my fabric and sewing stash and all my art equipment.  I just kept one small box, mainly my watercolours.  I have a week to adjust to having all these things out of my space and then Truck No 2 will arrive and we will be gone. My home of 30 years is going to another family.  They have four young boys.  I think Lady Doon is ready for all the excitement to come, she has embraced every other family who has lived here. 


I wonder if the resident ghosts will make an appearance to them?  The children and I all had experience of them.  Maybe they have moved on as I haven't seen any of them for a good few years nowI   I feel a bit like Frodo Baggins looking out the window and thinking  "will I ever see this view again?'  Probably not.

I am going to take the next week to grieve the loss of this life then turn my face into the sun and march on again.  I am going to embrace every bit of it, not turn away from the parts that are too hard but experience every emotion.   This kind of thing happens all the time to me.  I never realise how much I love something until the time for parting comes.

The lull before the storm

The world is going to close in on me in the next few days with this move, so before the world collapses I thought I would take the time to write a few blog posts.  These may be my last for a while, unless I can work out how to post from my phone.

I am a keen follower of what is happening with Kogin patterns in Japan and I see that they are now being used for knitting designs.  When you think about it I wonder why this hasn't been done before.  The patterns lend themselves perfectly to this medium.

images from


And how about these sox?

This department store has a whole range of garments.


But I really like this collection of Hishizashi patterns.  Looking closely at this i see there are some that are not in my collection.