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October 2014

Flying away on a jet plane

I have flown away to Canberra for a few days for yet another graduation celebration for my daughter.  I wish she would give up on all this study and get on with a working life like the rest of us.  I am nursing a sore hand that I punctured on a thorn in the garden.  Nothing very serious but I am haveing an allergic reaction to what every it was that went into my finger.  This kind of thing always happens when I have commitments.  

There is an open inspection of the house whilst I'm away so I hope my son can manage that, along with the dogs for me.  Now I am having doubts about the sale of the house.  Will it sell, will we have to sit here and wait for a buyer, at the price we want?  Have I done the right thing renting the other house?

I think the few days away will take my mind off all this and then I can come home and worry again.  I will be back on Monday.

The end of the quilt show

I ran around the ailses at a great pace on the day I attended the show.  As I said yesterday, I'm sure I missed heaps.  Here are some more quilts that caught my eye.

This quilt won the Judges Choice Award and second place in the Professional Appliqued section and was stitched by Peggy Phelps.


I like the use of bias binding to outline the edges.


A lot of people used that embroidered heart theme.



I will be interested bo see my friends quilt finished.



The quilt show

I was very distracted by the need to get my house on the market when I was at the quilt show so didn't really give it the attention it deserved.  Becuase of this I'm sure that I missed a number of gems.  One thing that did catch my attention was the winning quilt from the AQS Challenge Competition.  It is just so different yet is well constructed and thought out.


This piece is titled "10 together equals teamwork" by Alison Withers.  The artists statement says

"In an ideal world a team can work together for the common good.  Looking like skittles about to topple, 10 men in the boat support each other to safely navigate past obsticles both known and unknown.  United they maintain balance.  The helmsman is well equiped for the adventure but cannot pilot the voyouge without the foundation and care of the team.  10 together can reach the dream."


The detail in this quilt is quite unique.


The quilt show

I have just realised that I never did get around to posting about the State Quilt Show.  All my energies have gone into getting my house ready for sale and then keeping it tidy for viewing.  But, it was a good show.

As I had thought, Robyn Ginn had kept her quilt for this show and she was awarded a second prize in The Small Quilt section.  It was for a Crazy Patch Quilt that was just crazy with embellishment.


In her artists statement she had said;

"The centre heart breaks up seams and gives focus to each block.  Old laces are rearranged and embellished as a highlight to the silks and embroidery.  Antique buttons and charms along with verse give a personal touch."




I don't think this is my favourite quilt but it is still interesting.