Day 261
Day 262


I finally have done some work on my outstanding projects!

Firstly my heart quilt from last year.  I started to hand quilt it by stitching around each heart in perle 8 thread but it just didn't cut it.  So now I have decided to machine quilt around each heart so that they will stand proud. I am just using a random pattern for the quilting.


I have now quilted about 100 of 365 blocks.  Why I say about is because the quilting disappears into the fabric and I am not quite sure what I have quilted until I run my hands over it.  But definite progress has been made.  It has been impossible to quilt with all the building and painting that has gone on here and this piece has been weighing on my mind.  I have now set up my sewing machine so hopefully I can get to that pile of unfinished objects.


The other thing I have done is nearly all of another block for my fusion piece.  My design just didn't translate to the fabric so this one has been 'design as you go'.  Four more blocks after this one.


Why don't you pop over to Pintangle and check out what others have done?


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Good to have the end in sight, isn't it!

Carin Saga

It is lovely to see your hearts quilt again. The quilting is nice and will lift the hearts up from the background.
Your design-as-you-go embroidery looks neatly planned!

Carolyn Foley

I’m getting to quite like the quilt and it is a good project to improve my machine quilting skills. The Fusion piece dribbles along but I like it that way.

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