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Oranges and Lemons

I had been congratulating myself on not catching the flu from the Grandchildren or my husband but today it hit.  Runny nose, head aches, temperature, the lot.  I delivered all my embroidery kits to the Guild this morning and then came home to go to bed.  I hate colds.  Mainly because I can't stitch.  I tried and it will all have to come undone.

Then I remembered all the mandarins and lemons I had brought back from High-fields.  All the mandarins have been eaten but there are still lots of lemons.  Just right for a lemon and honey drink for this cold.


The lemons are beautiful, so full of juice.  Far to good for a drink, so I made Lemon butter. One large jar from just 2 lemons.


And the colour was so rich.


The taste, delicious.


All this in less than 10 minutes.  Only 4 minutes to cook, 6 minutes were spent getting the equipment our of the cupboard and sterilising the jar.  Thank you again Mary O'Niel, a great recipe.  Here is the link.


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It's always just when you think you've got away with something that it comes back and hits you!

Mary O'Neill

Glad you are enjoying that recipe Carolyn! It certainly beats standing at the stove and stirring. I hope you don't get a bad dose of the flu.

Carolyn Foley

It sure does. (She says as she blows her nose and wipes her weeping eyes.)

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