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September 2014

Children's Holiday Class

That class is today and I am up before the birds to get everything organised.  I spent yesterday getting the classroom and the display all set up. My usual helper has flown off to Beating Around the Bush in Adelaide so I went in a day early to be prepared.

P1030781 - Version 2

I usually have the next class in place by this time.  This will be in January 2015 and friend Lee, who lives in Saudi Arabia, was designing this one.  She sent me some photos of the project and said she would mail the samples to me.  They turned up yesterday so the next job is to get them onto the web-page.  I'm (slowly) learning how to be a webmaster so I should have them in place by the end of the week hopefully.  The project is a note pad cover stitched on aida cloth using Chicken Scratch embroidery.  I'm going to have to stitch a sample because some of my speed queens will get through this in no time me thinks.  Maybe they can stitch 2 note pad covers?

Note book covers-1 - Version 3

Can you be ready to move out in two weeks?

This is what my husband greeted me with on the weekend.  When I was expecting relatives from interstate within the hour along with a dozen other guests.  I just felt sick. We went to an auction of a nearby house on Saturday, the one in the image below, for which they realised a very good price and he wants this house sold, now. 

We have nowhere to go, except a vacant block of land.  I have an AGM on October the 11th I have to prepare,  I have been booked by my daughter- in -law for perminant baby sitting days, I have classes to teach, sewing to complete for my patchwork group, we have a trip to Canberra for my daughter's graduation and now this.  I don't know where everything is from moving downstairs to upstairs and from room to room and can I be ready to move in two weeks.  NO!!

Toowoomba Quilt Show - 2

The big difference to the show this year was that there was only one quilt from Robyn Ginn, and that wasn't what I had expected.  Closing dates for the Toowoomba and Brisbane shows overlapped this year so I expect to see Robin's work in the Brisbane show.  There was still lots of eye candy starting with Angela's beautiful large quilt.  Her free motion quilting is just beautiful.


When Angela belonged to our Brisbane cottage group she would turn up to meetings with new ties that she had made for her husband.  Allan had a huge collection of ties.  Now all those ties have gone into this quilt.


My eyes turn green every time I see this quilting.


Another thing I was interested to see was how blocks that had first been embroidered were then quilted.  There were only a couple of quilts that fell into this category and both were of Crinoline Ladies.




I have a candle wicked quilt I embroidered years ago and still haven't quilted it because I'm not sure how to do it.  Another thing I found interesting was how one exhibitor had used red work embroidery but changed the colours.  All these patterns are by Bronwyn Hayes and she has lots of free patterns on her web site.


And the last quilt that took my eye was modern.


Again, great quilting.


Toowoomba Quilt Show

It is Carnaval of Flowers time of year up in Toowoomba so yesterday I joined the line of traffice driving there.  It is also the Toowoomba Quilters annual quilt show and this year they had a challenge with owls as the theme.  There were some great small quilts.  These are some of my favourites.


Some lovely quilting on this quilt.


This was made by my friend Angela, even though there were no names on the pieces I recognised her work.  She made this for her grand daughter Abigail.


I thought this piece, 'Bad Hair Day' rather comical.


But I think that I like this one the best.


Don't you love the expression on that central owl?


More tomorrow.