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The Helper Mice

Well here they are, "The Helper Mice".  They are for the next Children's Embroidery Class to be held at the Queensland Embroiderers' Guild on Tuesday 30th September and Thursday 2nd of October, 2014.  These mice compliment the "Sewing Mice" that we stitched back in June.  They complete the set, although I think they are pretty nice on their own.


As with all the Children's Classes I have designed in the past there are designs that can be stitched by those that have no experience right through to the inclusion of some challenges for the more experienced.  There is also plenty of scope for the children to include their own designs.  The pin cushions are where they can really let rip.  They can pick their own embroidery design, draw the face they want 'their mouse' to have and pick the tail they would like.


There are three different mice to chose from for the needle case and I'm rather pleased with those tails that tie to close the case.


The scissor keeper was a challenge.  I originally wanted it to be a piece of cheese but the closest I could get was a triangular shape. 


To dress it up a bit the children can embroider it, or use some beads, but I think the charms are going to be the most popular.   That little mouse has a bow on it's tail and it's own piece of cheese.  The beads add a bit of colour.


The cat looks like a 'Miss Kitty' kind of cat and is riding a bicycle.  My friend and I had to sort through a huge pile of charms to find the only 25 that were in the shop, so not everyone is going to get one of these.


I can see that everyone will want a mouse AND a cat.

If you know a child (6 years to 16 years) who would be interested it attending this class you can contact -

the Class Register, Hilary Crawfoot on 0427 726 836

or leave a message on the Guild answering machine – (07) 3252 8629,

or Email:


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My best wishes for the class - I'm sure the children will enjoy making them!

Carolyn Foley

Thanks. To develop these designs was like pulling teeth but it came together in the end. Now I have to prepare 45 kits.

Sharon B

Love these mice they are so cute- good luck with the class!

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