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New Embroidery Book - Sardinian Knot stitch

I know this book is about the same technique as that written by Yvette Stanton but it never hurts to have more than one source when learning a new technique.  This book is a translation from the Italian version written by a group of women who met 'virtually'.  (I think if you went digging into the Italian Embroidery blog written by Jeanine you would be able to find all the authors.) The other thing that is interesting is that this is a print on demand book from Amazon.  It isn't presented on the finest paper and I think the binding is a bit flimsy.

What I like about this book is that it presupposes that you know nothing.  Great for learning something new.  I personally find the instructions very clear and the images easy to understand.  There is a good chapter on the background of the stitch, how to finish edges and get the pattern around a corner.  The other thing I like is the colour coding of the sequence of stitching a design.

This is the book I am going to use to learn the technique.  I was struggling with the other book.  Better to start from the very simple.  I should have all my "Helper Mice" stitched by this week and when I get them out of the way I can begin.



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Print on demand is such a potentially good idea - maybe there should be binding options so that a book that you know you will want to refer to can be printed on good paper and properly bound...

Carolyn Foley

I know that I am going to use this book a lot so the binding issues are a potential problem. I have covered it with plastic to protect the outside and have the sticky tape ready for when it starts to fall apart. I would have been willing to pay extra for a good binding.

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