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I'm sure everyone else is making more progress than me over at Pintangle but I just got that PC working in time to get this weeks block designed and stitched.  I didn't think I was going to get there at one point.  This design is not normally stitched on a 32 count linen.  It is a bit challenging on the eyes and you have to be careful of the count.  (Looking at this image I cane see a couple of errors in the bottom 2 rows that will have to be restitched.)


The piece is outgrowing the frame.


I have also added another project to my list.  I have started on some pin cushions that I will sell or give as gifts for Christmas this year. (Starting early takes the pressure off.)  I bought 28 count linen so that I wouldn't have as much eye strain, but it isn't as nice as the 32 count.  I think I might change back for the cross stitch patterns.  This linen might by good for pulled thread.


I also bought some threads from Tassie.  They are 'The Gentle Art' sampler threads.  Great colours for this kind of work but I find they do tangle a bit. 


In Australia they cost $6.25 for a 10 metre card and as no local shops keep them in stock I have to pay postage which would be around $5.  I can get them from England for $3.25 AU plus postage for the same amount and from the USA for $ 1.80 AU plus postage.  There is no duty on purchases under $1,000 AU.  Even plus the postage it is cheaper to buy on line.  That is not good for our local shops.


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HI Carol,
I love your pattern. looks like pattern darning. working on 32 count linen is a great achievement. Thanks for the information about buying thread online. I am yet to start on that. The pincushion for Christmas looks lovely. all the best on your work!

Carin Saga

You now have a good collection of designs on your sampler.
Starting early for the Christmas gifts is a good idea, then you can also rest your eyes from time to time.
I am now in Europe and intend to restock my thread collection before returning to Japan.
I am so glad to hear that your health is improving and that of your PC, too! I, however, still have problems leaving comments on your blog; I am sorry I have not been in touch for some time.


I rather like that bunny!

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