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Easter Presents

This year for the gifts for my Patchwork group I took my own advice and made the cord cuffs that I wrote about a few weeks ago.  

It took a day to make 23 of them and I didn't have very many breaks.  In fact I had a stiff neck and sore eyes from concentrating on the task.  I had only one day to make them in because I had forgotten that this was the last meeting before Easter, that very evening.


When any member of the group travels we always bring back a square of fabric, about 8" (20cm), for each member of the group. My group does a lot of travelling and I have a big bundle of squares.  I used these for the cord cuffs so that everyone would be different but I don't seem to have made any impression on the pile of squares.


When I gave them out the most previlant comment was "I could use 4 of these".  So I think that my friends will be making more for themselves. For myself I need to have labels on each one so that I know what cord belongs to what device or piece of equipment.  At the moment I have a container full of cord that I am not sure what is for which.


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Carin Saga

A great idea for using up those squares, and who wouldn't need at least four of them. Will the future be cordless or even more cord crowded?

Carolyn Foley

They really are versatile and I have quite a collection now. I just need to make those labels.


We have a whole collection of cables too - neatly coiled, but as you say, the real problem is working out which is for what!

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