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A new book

I have been researching Swedish Embroidery for a while now and have found lots of bits and pieces.  It really is annoying having to rely on Google translate but I am no linguist.  Back in 2013 Queenie gave me a list of links and some books I might be interested in.  I found 3 or 4 that I wanted to purchase but couldn't find a retailer willing to ship to Australia.

I had just about given up all hope, short of traveling to Sweden, which I still intend to do, of getting my hands on any of the books.  Then at the last 'Stitches and Craft' show here in Brisbane, BINGO.   There was one of the books I had wanted and it was translated into English.

The book is "Stitched in Scandinavia by Karin Holmberg"

The book cost me $40.00 and I see that it is a whole lot cheaper at the Book Depository .

Still, I was afraid I wouldn't see it again and just had to have it.  All those little points that weren't clear in the translation I now understand. Like why Annundsjo stitch looks shaky.  It is associated with a specific person, Brita-Katjas Karlsdotter, who only started embroidering in her old age .

You have probably seen this image from the book, it is on a lot of pintrest boards,.

but I just love these ones.


I am going to have a lot of fun with this book.



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Carin Saga

I, of course, have seen and read the book in Swedish from the library in Stockholm, but believe it or not I am now the proud owner of the English version and last night I was reading it! A friend in the UK had it shipped to me for a bit of 'light recuperative reading' and it is a great tonic!

Carolyn Foley

It is a great book, thanks for the heads up.


Thank goodness for proper translators!

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