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January 2014

Kogin Embroidery

Some of the photocopies that Phyllis sent me were of the book edited by Aiko Suzuki.  In the Japanese article I read it quoted the editor as saying that there could be nearly 1,000 patterns and I have counted 900 different patterns from the copies I have and have since then have thought of quite a few new variations myself.

The author has classified the patterns according to size and some of the designs that I have discounted, because I thought them too small, are included in the book.  I still think that I will classify my designs according to their root origin. 

I have been able to find a group of designs that seem to be the origin of all the others and I have been able to find the names of most of these.  This seems to be confirmed by the information in these photocopies.  If you were wanting to stitch a combination of patterns size would be important.  I truely think that with the information I now have I will be able to catalogue all the designs, so it looks as though I am going to achieve my quest.

When I get them all charted and stitched I will publish them here on my blog and as a free ibook that can be downloaded from the ibook store.   I think this will be the first time this has been done in English.  Tomorrow I will post this months selection.  (Quick stitch quicker.)

Work in Progress Wednesday

I have done a lot more stitching than this, but I can't find it at the moment.  It is somewhere in the boxes and I will find it, eventually.

This Sashiko kit is for a set of coasters and I don't need to finish them until November but I thought I would start them now.  Why?  Well there is so much dust and mess I can't bring myself to work on anything that requires a more complex technique and I find this kind of stitching relaxes me.


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The next day

Here I sit on the end of the bed trying to use the computer.  The other computer is out of reach of the power point.  There is only one power point in this room.  My husband had filled up the box room and then when I tried to move my excess fabric and book in he had a hissy fit and complained that he couldn't find his tools.  "I haven't moved your stuff' he said.  My reply,"how could you I don't have anything in the room, you have used all the space!"

This is going to be a long few months and I have a lot of classes to teach.  Now where did I put that fabric?

The Builders have returned

My quiet is shattered.  The builders are back inside the house and the council is laying new pipes outside.  Jackhammers, nailing tools, dust, etc, etc.   I have to get all the paintings down today for the plasterers to start chipping off the plaster in the hall.  How am I going to sew?

Then I find the schedule has changed.  They were going to finish downstairs and then do upstairs and we would move down.   No, no, no!  They are doing upstairs and downstairs at the same time.  I have to clear rooms and I don't have anywhere to clear them to.  I can't arrange storage for another 2 weeks and they want to start straight away.  I have been trying to find a flat to rent but there is just nothing.  I have just moved my sewing room into my bedroom and you can't swing a cat in here.  This is full on stress!!!

Oh I forgot to say to try and take my mind off things I finished one of the UFO's.  It was an embroidery that I was going to make into a cushion but I made a tote bag instead for the sale table at the Guild.  Even lined it. P1020786

I think there is a special name for this kind of behaviour?