Hishizashi Patterns ~ No 156
Great Presentation

Melting Moments

The humidity is so high here that we are all melting.  I got out of the car, which is air-conditioned and my glasses immediately fogged up.  My eyesight isn't that good at the best of times but this was ridiculous.

Less than 100 years ago women had to have all areas of their body covered.  I look at the Muslim women dressed like this in the heat and feel for them.  In our donation of lace was a set of forearm covers.  You could take your gloves off but your forearems were still 'polite' covered with lace.


There were seven of these one for each day of the week.  One was plain, just hemstitched net.


Others relied on the pattern of the lace.

P1020069 Another was a combination of net and appliqued lace.


And then there was lengths of insertion lace stitched together and


embroidered together with a perle thread.


I'm just glad we don't have to wear all these things in this heat.


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Dee ..

I really enjoy looking at the old linens and laces you are posting. Do you try and clean any of it or just leave them the way they are. ?

WE just spent a week at Rockhampton and I really struggled with the humidity on a couple of days, it was nice going into the hospital. It was nice when we headed west, through Aramac to Muttaburra, where it was hotter but much less humidity

Carolyn Foley

Yes some we try and clean, others would just fall to pieces so they are vacuumed and surface cleaned. I had a small piece of lace that had rust on it and all that was left was the threads when I tried to wash it.
As to the humidity, when I was younger and lived in the NT I got used to it, even played tennis in the middle of the day. But I was young back then.


I find it cooler to be covered in hot weather!

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